The World’s Most Checked In Places 2018

25 May

The World’s Most Checked In Places 2018

Airports comprise the list of the 50 most checked in places on Facebook. It’s really a no-brainer since waiting in airports will give one lot of time for 10 status updates. With 900 million users, Facebook was curious as to where they usually flock. And that was found out tallying the most checked-in places around the world.

Facebook’s inside survey shows that the most popular checked in place is the Los Angeles International Airport. It serves as the primary airport for the second most populated city in the U.S. With more than 63 million passengers in a year, it is also the 6th busiest airport in the world. There are five more airports in Los Angeles but LAX seems to be the favorite of travelers around the world. 2017 statistics show that LAX has more than 603,000 landings and takeoffs in a year. As for Facebook check-ins, it has totaled 2,205,108.

Second in rank of most checked-in places is Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto. Facebook’s Menlo Park home has been visited 1.9 million times as it is part of the tech tours in the city. Facebook is followed by three US airports namely Chicago O’Hare, San Francisco and Dallas/Forth Worth. Curiously, top 6 is neither an airport nor a famous social media geek’s office. It’s Home, Pennsylvania. Home is a small village in Indiana County. It is not tracked by the US Census Bureau and it only became known to the world when ‘90s American science fiction The X-Files used it as a setting for an episode in 1996. The episode was titled “Home” and it depicted the town that had a dark secret. It was the only X-files episode that received a viewer discretion warning. Now, how in the world did it get more than 1.3 million Facebook check-ins? Either people just wanted to say they’re “home” on their status updates or Home, Pennsylvania is indeed holding a dark secret.

Hong Kong International Airport is the only airport that’s not on American soil that made it to the top 10 with the most check-ins. China’s banning of Facebook in the mainland does not reach to its prodigal state. Two other US airports, Denver International and Seattle-Tacoma International, placed at top 8 and 10 respectively; while the 9th place was taken by the happiest place in the world, Disneyland.

ByMichael Gilmore

Gilmore's research interests include social studies, law, technology and IT. He worked a lot in the field of jurisprudence. Gilmore also actively participates in the creation of technology and design for mobile phones and laptops, starting in 2012.