Category: Technology

21 May

Save Your Cell Phone’s Battery Life

When it comes to cell phones and smartphones, often the greatest complaint is that they lack adequate battery life. While there are excellent and longlasting cell phone batteries, those that come with the device, the manufacturer’s battery, normally don’t have the greatest battery life. However, there are a few easy ways that you can get Read more
19 May

Samsung to Produce 5G Wireless Trail by 2020

If 4G appears to be too sluggish for your tastes then you are sure to be pleased with Samsung’s announcement that they had discovered new technology to bring to its customers the fifth-generation network for mobile usage. The company has figured out a way to harness the power of high-frequency millimeter-wave Ka bands that will Read more
7 May

How to Sideload Apps on BlackBerry PlayBook

Remember the BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM’s attempt to break its way into the tablet market? That attempt was largely unsuccessful given high prices and an already saturated niche, but recent price drops have made the high-powered PlayBook one of the holiday season’s most affordable tablets. With sturdy, powerful hardware, surprisingly good software, and a price tag Read more
1 May

New Discovery in Fiber Optic Technology Could Boost Internet Bandwidth

The internet technology has reached another breakthrough. Fiber optics is getting some tweaking which will enable transmitting speeds to go beyond 100 terabits per second. This huge amount of data is more than the equivalent of 8 Blu-Ray DVDs per second. This dramatic increase of data will have significant effects on computing and global communications, Read more
21 Apr

Drones In Everyday Life

The past few years have seen drone entering our everyday life and with great effects. Below is a list of some high-flying tasks executed by drones. Farm Monitoring A group of scientists at the Oregon State University has designed two battery-powered drones that can be deployed to monitor potato crops and spot unhealthy plants. The Read more
15 Apr

10 Helpful Tips to Stop Hackers Getting Into Your Computer

Hackers are the bane of computer users around the world even though they are the reason why there are a lot of people employed to come up with ways to secure sensitive information over the Internet. Every single personal computer or laptop can be hacked especially those that are left vulnerable. Fortunately, there are ways Read more
12 Apr

A Step by Step Guide: How to Reset a Windows Password

The fast-paced world has also given us more reasons to be cautious and set passwords on every account and personal devices. Not having a Windows 7 password might be a security concern in the future as anyone in your home or office can have full access to everything from business to personal stuff. Setting a Read more