How to use Microsoft Security Essentials for Lifetime with Updates

9 May

How to use Microsoft Security Essentials for Lifetime with Updates


Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the best anti-virus/anti-malware I have ever used. I want to share a very unique trick to use it for lifetime with full updates on cracked Windows XP or on cracked Windows 7 or on cracked Windows Vista.

As this anti-virus software is owned by Microsoft, it can easily remove all kind of viruses, malwares or trojans that may damage system files of your windows operating system and affect processing speed of your PC badly.

By using this trick your computer will never be affected by any virus online. It should be noted that you never need to pay any extra money for updates for lifetime as Microsoft security essentials is totally free to download.

But if you are using cracked windows xp or windows 7 then updates are not possible without this trick. If you do updates without this trick then your windows xp or windows 7 or windows vista may expires in 2-3 days even if they are cracked.

Curious to know about this trick, Right? Here is the step by step information to do lifetime update on cracked version of any operating system from windows.

Read Before Using this Trick

  1. Keep your Internet connection on, stop all other downloads.
  2. Download Microsoft Security Essentials software from Microsoft or from Filehippo website as per your OS category of 32bit, 64bit or other.
  3. Install it by staying online. After successful installation open application from right bottom side of your windows toolbar. Essentials will surely ask you to update virus definitions. If you do this without following steps below then your OS will be expired for sure.

+ Backup all your important data if you are newbie.

For Windows XP

  1. Go to Start>Run.

2.Type “services.msc”. Click on OK button.

3. Double Click on “Automatic Updates”.

  1. Click on “Stop” button. Select “Manual” from Startup types. Apply it.
    1. Go to essential application and click on “Update” button. It will take few minutes online to update* your virus definitions to current date.

    * Never click on any notifications during this update that comes in your toolbar.

    1. After successful completion of update come back to services.msc window, double click again on “Automatic Updates” and select “Stop” then select “Disable” in Startup types, apply it.
    2. Enjoy update of your Microsoft Security Essentials software on your cracked XP forever by using this trick.

    For Windows 7 & Vista

    1. Go to Start.
    2. Type “services.msc” in search area. Click on OK button.
    3. Find and Double Click on “Windows Updates”.

    Step no. 4, 5 and 6 are same as above for XP.

    In short keep automatic update level to manual while you are updating essentials and back to disabled after update.

    If you are using security essential software then you will never need any other anti-virus, anti-malware software as no software can clear virus better than Microsoft Security Essentials.

    + This trick is only to increase knowledge of hungry people. We should never use cracked version of operating systems. Use only genuine ones to catch every update online without doing above steps.


ByMichael Gilmore

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