Guide To Getting Conversion Friendly Landing Page

5 May

Guide To Getting Conversion Friendly Landing Page

Creating a landing page for your website that is search engine optimized (SEO) and conversion-friendly is not rocket-science but it does require skill. A well-designed page that is filled with well-written content will ultimately boost your traffic online and increase the chance to turn clicks into clients.

SEOMoz are the leading experts in the industry for SEO and they made $1 million with just a couple of emails and one, conversion-friendly landing page. Imagine the possibilities for your business, if all your landing pages were improved?

So how can you get your website pages to turn avid readers into customers? Here is an expert guide to help.

  • Headline

This article has it described perfectly: “If you ask for too much too early, people will say no before you can persuade them to say yes. It’s like when someone asks for your phone number when they barely know your name.”

The headline that you use is imperative. It is one of the first things a consumer will see so it has to be inviting and engaging.

Time your ‘call to action’ by using a simple testimonial high up on the page followed by short-bullet pointed benefits. Use your USPs to tell the reader quickly how they can benefit from using the product/service and the follow with the call to action statement.

By doing it this way, you have already got them interested so the key is not to rush right into a sale. Did you know that by using the word ‘get’ into headline it can more than double your conversion? For example:

Before: Improve your website traffic and presence online with Custard

After: Get the highest traffic levels in 6 years

At SEOmoz, they found that by infusing the headline with curiosity rather than overt ‘buy me’ language, they improved their conversion rates.

Before: Improve your traffic and rankings with an SEOmoz PRO Membership

After: When eBay, Disney and Marriot need SEO help, here’s what they do…

So design a headline that will make visitors stop on your page and pay attention.

  • Sub-headlines

These also make a massive difference to conversion so if you can, underneath the main headline put a sub-heading that is short and snappy and that bridges the gap between the main message.

  • Break it up

No-one likes reading reams and reams of endless text so you need to make it visually appealing. Use sub-headings and bullet points to make the content approachable. People prefer to read shorter line lengths, but read faster when text has a longer line length.

Rule of thumb: Short paragraphs get read, long paragraphs get skimmed, really long paragraphs get skipped.

Break it up into smaller chunks and spread the content out so that there is plenty of white space. Use images to boost conversions and not just images of your product, but a picture of it in context and people using it.

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ByMichael Gilmore

Gilmore's research interests include social studies, law, technology and IT. He worked a lot in the field of jurisprudence. Gilmore also actively participates in the creation of technology and design for mobile phones and laptops, starting in 2012.