Egnyte Aims Mobile Data Management At Byod Businesses – BYOD

29 Apr

Egnyte Aims Mobile Data Management At Byod Businesses – BYOD

BYOD, or bring-your-own-device, has become a massive trend in business in recent years, thanks to the rise of affordable smartphones allowing a greater number of functions than ever. Small businesses, in particular, are enjoying the benefits of this as the company isn’t left to foot the bill of a company phone.

In light of this, file sharing specialists Egnyte have announced their new mobile data management suite, designed to work alongside small businesses where BYOD is common. The suite will give enterprises control over their data thanks to a range of device and file sharing programmes.

Helping IT departments

The move comes as BOYD policies become increasingly popular in regards to giving employees access to important work through the use of their own tablets, smartphones and laptops. While this process has benefitted companies hugely, the ability to maintain tight control over these files has conflicted with employee privacy issues.

This difficulty has been troubling IT departments for a while, as many of those working within an SME are of too small a size to develop their own programmes, a system is still necessary. Industry analyst firm Ovum conducted a survey recently showing 57% of full-time employees use their own devices to access company files, showing the trend is growing rapidly.

A huge 80% of BYOD activity goes unmonitored within companies, meaning employees accessing company are under no control whatsoever. Egnyte recognized the need for this management and so created cost-effective mobile device management for companies to implement.


This management programme offers a variety of features and perks, including a central view of all users’ devices which are connected to the company account, allowing those in IT to monitor the use of data. This includes access to data which will reveal information about the user, the type of device being used, and the last time of access.

It also offers the chance to wipe a device from accessing the data should the device become lost or stolen, a certificate which will allow devices access to the data, and local file encryption which will limit access to authorized users.

Vineet Jain, CEO of Egnyte, released a statement about the programme, saying: “Egnyte offers our customers the option of using Egnyte in conjunction with the MDM solution or using our new capabilities as MDM-light solution.

“With the native security and management capabilities, IT departments can reduce costs by getting everything they need in one place. More importantly, they can be confident their files and data are safe.”

Security is central

The security given by this platform corresponds with Egnyte’s typical approach to data sharing – ease of access is important, but so is security. The programme includes a two-step login verification which includes a second step beyond usernames and passwords.

This, combined with the ability to wipe a device from the access board, ensures that the data is far more safe and secure than it might otherwise be.

ByMichael Gilmore

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