Creating a WordPress Site in Five Easy Steps

20 Apr

Creating a WordPress Site in Five Easy Steps

Blogging has been a growing trend lately. You can read plenty of blogs out there that talk about anything under the sun. From personal point of views to marketing businesses, there is no doubt that blogging plays a crucial role in the Internet Technology industry. One good thing about blogging is that anyone can make their own blog especially since there are several platforms to choose from. Among the most used these days is WordPress.

You might think that setting up a WordPress blog is daunting since this is your first time but you will be surprised that it will only take you five steps to get your personal blog up and running. Here’s how:

Register – Start by signing up with then follow the instructions that appear on their page. Make sure that you come up with a unique name for your blog but WordPress will indicate whether the name has been taken or if it is still available. Go to your email and click on the link to activate your account in WordPress.

Choose a Theme – To make your blog look more interesting to your readers you should choose a theme to go with your blog contents. There are plenty of WP Themes to choose from so make sure that you peruse them first before activating one.

Personalize Your Blog – To design your blog go to the menu bar on the left side of your screen. Look for Settings then click General Settings. Change the name of your blog which will appear on your blog’s header. Don’t confuse this with your blog’s address. Don’t forget to add a tag to your blog to make it more interesting to your readers. Save your work.

Choose Widgets for your Blog – Widgets help make your blog more functional and beautiful to look at. Among the most used widgets in WordPress are Email subscription, Facebook Like Box, Archives and Categories. These can be located on either the left side or right side of your blog depending on the theme that you are using.

Create Your First Post – Once you’ve set up the design of your blog you can now publish your first ever post. It’s not that hard to familiarize yourself with the tools used in publishing posts but you can always use other programs to write your post then simply paste it to WordPress before publishing. You can preview your work prior to publishing to see if there are any changes needed to be made.

ByMichael Gilmore

Gilmore's research interests include social studies, law, technology and IT. He worked a lot in the field of jurisprudence. Gilmore also actively participates in the creation of technology and design for mobile phones and laptops, starting in 2012.