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17 May

Safety Of Sight Tips For For Bloggers

Being a full-time blogger means staring at a screen for many hours each day and this presents a unique kind of eye strain. Avoid risks to your eyes and even improve your eyesight by using these three tips: Stay Hydrated Like many other ailments that plague the human body, a quick fix can often be Read more
9 May
3 May

How to Use a Wiimote with Android

Google Android is many things to many people but one of the areas where it really shines is gaming. From the latest 3D apps to the availability of emulators for your favorite old school console games, the potential for sore thumbs with an Android-power smartphone or tablet is nearly limitless. There is, however, one catch: Read more
6 Apr

3 Ways to Make Windows 7 Betterems

Between the incredible staying power of Windows XP and the current hype ahead of Windows 8, Microsoft’s flagship product is currently a hot topic among people around the world and rightfully so, given its deep integration into our digital lives. We all know that you’re using Windows – the question is: are you getting the Read more