10 Helpful Tips to Stop Hackers Getting Into Your Computer

15 Apr

10 Helpful Tips to Stop Hackers Getting Into Your Computer

Hackers are the bane of computer users around the world even though they are the reason why there are a lot of people employed to come up with ways to secure sensitive information over the Internet. Every single personal computer or laptop can be hacked especially those that are left vulnerable. Fortunately, there are ways to secure your computer and important information using these following tips:

Anti-virus Software – This software helps protect your computer against possible virus attacks. You also need to constantly update it in order to ensure that your computer is well protected.

Avoid Suspicious Emails – Everyone is connected to the Internet which means emails are very much used. If you are suspicious of an email sent to you, instead of opening it, make sure that you delete it instead.

Use “Firewalls” – Set up a firewall on your computer to help protect your personal information against outside attacks.

Use Difficult Passwords – When setting up a password choose one that has a combination of letters, symbols and numbers to increase the level of difficulty for hackers to get into your emails.

Disconnect the Internet – If you are not using the Internet, make sure that you unplug your device from it to minimize hackers from getting into your computer.

Learn the Risks of Sharing Files – File sharing can also be a cause for your computer to get hacked. A virus can easily get into your computer using this feature and infect your system.

Download Patches – Security is important when using your computer and what better way to ensure that your device is well protected than downloading security patches? These patches are important because they can help solve new viruses that the Internet is riddled with.

Always have a Back-Up – Backing up the data on your computer is a practice you should make a habit. Just keep in mind that you will never know when your computer will act up or that someone may get inside without you knowing about it.

Teach Others What to Do When Your PC Gets Infected – If your computer is being used by other people make it a point to teach them what to do when an infection occurs. This includes updating anti-virus, downloading patches for added security and using hard to guess passwords.

Regularly Check Your Security – It is important that you check your computer’s security at least twice every year. Do this when changing the time of your computer to match daylight’s saving time.

ByMichael Gilmore

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